Visit Santa Barbara Wine Country, on Your Doorstep at Rice Ranch

Living in Valley View Estates at Rice Ranch in Santa Barbara County offers many luxurious conveniences, including stunning new homes, exclusive membership to the Summit Club, and 580 acres of open space for an active lifestyle. You’re immersed in the countryside, breathtaking vistas, and a meticulously planned community, yet also close to the charming old downtown of Orcutt.

But, perhaps the greatest perk is the proximity to Santa Barbara County’s delightful wine towns, diverse wine trails renowned for their excellence, and acclaimed wineries, all reachable within just a half-hour drive!

Santa Maria Valley Wine Country

Neighboring the community is Santa Maria Valley, with its 34 wineries and tasting rooms specializing in cool-climate wines such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Some of these celebrated vineyards and wineries are nestled in historic locales. The region’s winemakers epitomize authenticity, approachability, and a passion for pouring a glass that pairs perfectly with laid-back attire, barbecue fare, and genuine smiles. Embark on a journey through rolling vineyard landscapes, whether by pedal power, horseback, or leisurely drive, to discover the ultimate wine retreat.

The closest vineyard and winery to our Estates is Presqu’ile (‘press-keel’). This family-owned winery in the Santa Maria Valley is dedicated to crafting exceptional, cool-climate Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah from Santa Barbara County. Other historic vineyards nearby are Bien Nacido and Solomon Hills Estates and Cambria Winery. Riverbench is a bit further, also in a historic property, and makes award-winning Sparkling Wine along with Burgundian-style wines.

Arroyo Grande Wineries

Venturing northward leads to Arroyo Grande’s wineries, enveloped by vistas of California’s rustic hillsides and the Pacific Ocean. This trail offers a cornucopia of styles and varietal wines, from sparkling wines to crisp Sauvignon Blancs, showcasing the terroir and approachability of the Arroyo Grande Valley.

Highlights include Timbre and Qupé & Verdad, located in the quaint Arroyo Grande village, with its charming downtown allure. Just a 10-minute drive away lies Talley vineyards, dating from 1982 with an original adobe building. Laetitia, which is re-opening their tasting room on May 30, 2024, was founded by a French Champagne House in the 80s, and now specializes in sparkling wine, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay.

Los Alamos Wine Tasting

A quick 15-minute drive along Highway 101 lies Los Alamos, serving as the gateway to the Santa Ynez Valley. This quaint town is steeped in Old West heritage, with its vintage charm juxtaposed against a burgeoning scene of culinary delights, wine culture, arts, and antiques. Unique lodging options, including the historic 1880 Union Hotel, beckon visitors to immerse themselves in themed luxury suites or cozy bed-and-breakfast accommodations. Art galleries, antique shops, and an array of dining and wine tasting options cater to every palate, making Los Alamos a multifaceted gem waiting to be explored.

Some wonderful wine tasting rooms in town are Casa Dumetz and Clementine Carter, and A Tribute to Grace. Pico restaurant also offers a diverse array of wines, primarily focusing on small-batch, artisanal varieties that truly capture the essence of their origins. It shares its space with Lumen wines, crafted by the renowned winemaker Lane Tanner.

Lompoc & Sta. Rita Hills Wines

Lompoc serves as the epicenter of the renowned Sta. Rita Hills growing region, boasting a vibrant array of tasting rooms within its “wine ghetto,” alongside sprawling vineyards and esteemed wineries nestled in the Sta. Rita Hills wine appellation. Praised by Sunset Magazine as the “New Wine Country,” Lompoc’s winemakers specialize in crafting exceptional pinot noirs, chardonnays, and other cool-climate varietals, earning accolades and rave reviews from esteemed publications like Wine Spectator. Prepare for an unparalleled tasting experience, as local vintners showcase the best of Sta. Rita Hills’ terroir, promising an unforgettable journey for wine connoisseurs.

In the town of Lompoc, you’ll find the trendy Wine Ghetto with many tasting rooms with a diverse range of styles. And driving out to the vineyards of Sta. Rita Hills rewards you with views and superb wines at The Hilt, Tyler, and Melville (some of these require appointments).

Los Olivos Wine Tasting

Renowned as one of California’s premier wine destinations, Los Olivos beckons with over 40 tasting rooms nestled within its walkable streetscape, centered around a picturesque flagpole. From award-winning wine tastings to fine dining experiences, eclectic shopping, and cultural attractions, this historic town in the scenic Santa Ynez Valley offers a plethora of activities for visitors of all ages. Surrounded by vineyards and equestrian estates, Los Olivos exudes a vibrant arts scene, culinary delights, and a warm community spirit, inviting travelers to indulge in the essence of Santa Barbara County’s wine country.

Some favorites are the Fess Parker Winery and Andrew Murray on Foxen Canyon Road, plus Grenache makers in town like Larner, Epiphany, Waylan, etc. And don’t miss the Bubble Shack on the weekend, specializing in various sparkling wines made in the Champagne style.

Come Home to Valley View Estates

Valley View Estates in Santa Barbara County boasts executive residences, tree-lined avenues adorned with oak trees, and private access to amenities promoting an active lifestyle. Plus, it’s home to some of California’s finest wines. Whether your palate favors classic Chardonnay and Pinot Noir or ventures into more adventurous varieties like Albariño or effervescent Pet-Nats, there’s a vinous delight awaiting every wine enthusiast.

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